Pet Rabbit Awareness Week 2014
Pet Rabbit Awareness Week 2015
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Pet Rabbit Awareness Week 2014

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Rabbit Bonding: The Hows and Whys

Here are some tips on how to bond a new bunny in with an existing one, as we think rabbits are better being kept in pairs.

Introducing a new rabbit, is like bringing an intruder in from another rabbit warren

  • An adult male will usually welcome the company of a female, but not another male. An adult female most likely will not accept another female or maybe not even a male in her territory.
  • Rub both rabbits noses with parsley, mint, basil, dill, or some other strong smelling plant, to disguise the difference in smell. Vanilla essence is also another good one to use.
  • Hold the rabbits together, rubbing their bodies all over each other.
  • Place both the rabbits in a playpen in neutral territory with boxes and tunnels scattered around to investigate and hide in.
  • Be quick to separate them if they fight. Wear gloves when breaking up a fight. Do not leave them together unsupervised until they have shown signs of bonding.
  • Place hutches next to each other, so they can get acquainted.
  • If they seem to be getting along in neutral territory, then it is time for them to share a hutch by putting them in together at night, so that when they wake up together in the morning they may feel like siblings.
  • If after some days of perseverance, they still fight, unfortunately, they may never be able to live together. Bonding two adult rabbits can be difficult; sometimes impossible. Some rabbits will get along in the day time in a play area and need to be put back in their own individual hutches at night.
  • At The Rabbit Shop we are quite experienced at bonding rabbits and of course have large runs which are ‘neutral territory’, with staff on hand to monitor them. Please contact us for further information.